Roxanne Peña: Filmmaker/Executive Director
Roxanne Peña has 15 years combined experience related to Audio/Video Production & Film Entertainment with five years experience teaching in after school programs, the public education system, and abroad in South Korea. She received an A.A. in Radio, Television, & Film, graduated summa cum laude from St. Edward’s University with a B.A. in Communication, and holds an M.A. in Education from Texas State University. She interned as a Casting Director Assistant for 5 months in which she managed a portfolio of projects from concept to sizzle. She spent two years working on reality TV shows as a Production Assistant on shows like Tiny House Nation and He Shed, She Shed and owns Lot 31 Films, a video production company since 2015. Roxanne has co-coordinated several student film festivals such as SXSW Make a Film in a Day, Lights, Camera Chutzpah! Workshop, and VMT’s Media and Film Festival. Roxanne signed an agreement with 48 Hour Film Project as City Producer to bring a competitive film festival to Laredo by August 2020.
Gil Garcia: Filmmaker/Presenter for Short Film Camp 2019
Gil Garcia is a Video Producer with an extensive background working in Media Arts Education. A graduate of The University of Texas Radio Television Film Program, Gil started in broadcast production for advertising heavyweights, GSD&M and Latinworks, working with clients like, Chili’s, Walmart, ESPN, Anheuser-Busch and Hennessy to name a few. He then spent ten years teaching digital film production and broadcast journalism at Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, Texas, putting the program in the national spotlight by garnering top honors at the state and national level and ultimately earning the honor of “Distinguished Broadcast Adviser of the year” in 2016 by the National Journalism Education Association. He is a media education consultant for The Austin Independent School District, React To Film, and the PBS NewsHour. He also serves on the Community Advisory Board for KLRU, the PBS affiliate in Austin, Texas. A leader in the field of media arts education, Gil co-wrote the third edition of the textbook, “Television Production & Broadcast Journalism”, the highest selling textbook in the nation among high school film programs. He has mentored with numerous summer youth film programs including, The Austin Film Festival, Indie Meme Festival, and The Douglas Anderson School for Cinematic Arts.
Jack Pattillo: Filmmaker/Presenter for Summer Film Camp 2019
Jack Pattillo is an American voice actor, Internet and YouTube personality and internet celebrity best known for his work with Rooster Teeth Productions, a media and video game company. He is also an independent filmmaker, actor, and a long time employee of Rooster Teeth.  Together with Geoff Ramsey, Jack co-created and manages Achievement Hunter, a subsidiary of Rooster Teeth Productions which is located in Austin, Texas. Since the conception of Achievement Hunter, Jack has become an internet celebrity, regularly showing up at conventions like RTX, PAX, and Comic-Con. Before fame, he served on the crew of several video productions, including Twilight Vamps and Bikini Frankenstein. He lent his voice acting talents to several episodes of Red vs. Blue, a web and DVD-based science fiction series with a comedic bent. Jack’s company roles are to help moderate the Achievement Hunter Website, maintain the site’s aesthetics and ergonomics, and edit videos for Achievement Hunter, which also serves as a form of content inspection.

Gabriela A. Trevino: Filmmaker/Presenter for Stop Motion 2019
Gabriela A. Treviño graduated from Wheaton College in Massachusetts in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She also completed coursework at University of Sussex in Brighton, England and Benemérita Universidad de Puebla in Mexico. She is the co-founder of Laredo Film Society and a member of video collective, Sledge TV. She has worked at daily newspaper, Laredo Morning Times, as a beat reporter, and at Cream City Magazine as a copy editor; interned at Austin Film Society and volunteered at indigenous media collective, Ojo de Agua Comunicación, Ambulante Documentary Film Festival and She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Documentary Film at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City and working on her feature length thesis film.

Marla Castañeda: Presenter for Water Texas Films 2019
Marla Castañeda is the Water Conservation Planner for the City of Laredo Utilities Department. Throughout the year she works at schools and public events promoting and educating younger generations about water conservation and how to create better habits to take care of our most important natural resource. Marla is a graduate of Texas A & M International University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She has been working at the City of Laredo for two years and has visited many schools in Laredo from both UISD and LISD along with other departments such as Solid Waste and Environmental Services talking about different topics that relate to water such as Water Pollution and Water Quality. Marla also reports to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality with a yearly report of Water Use, Water Loss and Water Conservation goals for the City of Laredo.  Marla is a full time wife and mom and says that her favorite part of her job is when she gets to work with kids; she believes that if we make an impact in their early life then we can create better human beings with good habits that will be passed on to other generations.

Tricia Cortez: Presenter for Water Texas Films 2019
Tricia joined the Rio Grande International Study Center in May 2010 where she currently serves as executive director of Laredo’s only environmental nonprofit organization. Tricia joined the Rio Grande International Study Center in May 2010 where she currently serves as executive director of Laredo’s only environmental nonprofit organization.   She is responsible for carrying out its mission to protect and preserve our only source of drinking water – the Rio Grande – and local green spaces. She is deeply committed to sustainable land-use practices, habitat protection, responsible water management, and improved quality of life for South Texas border residents. A San Antonio native, Tricia graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s degree in public policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. She moved to Laredo in 2001 and worked seven years as a senior reporter at the Laredo Morning Times. She drank the water, and the rest is history!
Juan Paez: Filmmaker/Producer for 2019 - All Camps
Juan Paez has ​5 years of experience as a videographer, photographer, and video editor for various local production companies. He first started as wedding videographer in Bert Kiefer Photography and Design covering more than 30 weddings and quinces each year. A year later he started an internship with DeLaredo magazine as videographer and video editor covering many local events. He worked briefly as an intern with Lot 31 Films and later worked with Luis Tienda at 13th West Media, a digital marketing agency creating content for local businesses. He graduated in 2018 with an A.A. in Drafting and Design from Laredo College. His dream is to work on feature film productions locally and across the U.S.
Jenet Kiefer: Filmmaker/Producer for 2019 - All Camps
Jenet Kiefer has 5 years of experience as a videographer, photographer, and video editor. She’s attended a 4-week filmmaking workshop with New York Academy and has a documentary in production for BizClips, ”A Day in the Life of Pursuing your Dreams”. She’ll be attending the New York Academy in Los Angeles fall 2019.
Naida Gonzalez: Camp Facilitator for Short Film & Stop Motion 2019
Naida Gonzalez is a certified English Teacher. She has taught effective writing process for different genres. Additionally she has written scripts, short stories, children stories, and poems. Naida some experience with acting and production. She joins us for our 1st Short Film Camp.
Brey Vaughn Foret: Camp Facilitator for 2019
  Brey Vaughn Foret graduated from Morton Ranch High School in Katy, Texas and is pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. Brey took three years of Japanese in high school due to his strong passion for reading Manga, graphic novels created in Japan in the form of a comic books. Throughout his high school career, he was part of the Morton Ranch baseball team. Brey is the Founder/Executive Director’s nephew and is participating in the summer filmmaking camps as a Facilitator to not only help with the summer camp kids, but also to learn more about leadership and communication.
Emma Buentello: Camp Facilitator for 2019
Emma Jolee Buentello is a student and aspiring photographer in Laredo, Texas. She has an interest in the arts and has been actively involved in the Laredo art and craft community for several years. She had won numerous medals in regional art competitions and hopes to pursue a career in photography and teaching. Emma has  a deep passion for teaching and enjoys working with children of all ages to help them achieve their goals. She also has a love of animals and enjoys spending her free time volunteering at Laredo Animal Protective Society.